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Amit Singh


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sapphire International School! Due to the rapid technological advancements in schools, now more than ever before, we have to make extraordinary efforts in order to keep abreast of the demands arising from the oncoming globalized knowledge society. It is a matter of great pride and personal satisfaction for me to say that Sapphire International School which set out with tiny hesitant steps ten years ago is now beginning to make rapid strides in its bid to become one of the highest achieving schools in the country.

Holistic and well rounded education sounds very impressive and it is promised by all schools. The acid test however lies in what the students can achieve with the help of this education.

In that respect, I am very happy to say that our students have been bringing credit to the school in each and every academic, co scholastic and sporting competitions in which they participate. Their in-house activities are no less challenging as we put them through a regimen designed to stimulate and develop their multiple intelligence in a composite manner. The biggest challenge of all lies in ensuring that the holistic and well rounded education of the students remains relevant to the changing needs of our nation, its society and economy. In order to ensure that our students always retain the cutting edge in terms of our curriculum, we depend a lot on the valuable inputs given to us by you as a parent - the single most, important stake holder in the school.

I therefore urge you to bring your child to Sapphire International School and participate in our endeavour as a professional learning community to make a difference in the education of your child.

With warm regards and best wishes
Amit Singh

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