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Online Class

The present times make staying safe at home, as far as possible, the first priority!

We want nothing more than to know that our Sapphire family is healthy and safe. We hope that all families are following Government directives and staying indoors. We encourage each and every member of the Sapphire International School to take measures to stay safe, secure and healthy at all times.

Ensuring our students continue to learn and grow in mental stature, despite formidable challenges, Sapphire International School has launched Online Classes using Microsoft Teams platform – an online alternative to classroom interactions, for teaching students. Apart from focusing on academics, through online classes Sapphire International School is also conducting online engagement initiatives for their students. Like - Online academic activities, Online Co-Curricular Activities and different clubs i.e. Classical Dance Club, English Drama Club, Hindi Drama Clubs, Fine Arts Club and Photography Clubs are conducted to promote a healthy lifestyle, to ensure productive use of the time, of the children as also to hone varied life skills and encourage critical and lateral thinking skills.

Parent's Feedback

Respected Sir,
We, the parents of Neyum & Sravsyam Lodha, would like to thank all the teachers who are working hard in conducting the online classes. We really appreciate their patience and effortsin constructing a bright future for our children. I really thank Mr. Amit Singh, the Principal, for guiding and watching the students and the teachers between the classes. I would like to thank the entire Sapphire fraternity for putting so much effort, with proper guidance, during this tough time.
Thank you


Hi Amit Sir,
This is Navin Adarsh, the father of Richa Adarsh of Class VI. You may recall the telephonic conversation which we had on the issue related to online sessions being conducted by the school as a backup strategy to keep the students abreast of their studies. As desired, I am pleased to give you the feedback regarding these sessions. Apologies for the late response. I thought of calling you back for the feedback, but then I decided to pen down my thoughts so that it remains for a longer period with you.

1. As an opening remark, I would like to congratulate you for successfully implementing the online sessions which are of high quality in terms of content, presentation, and delivery and also caters as a medium for wholesome entertainment for students.

2. Specialities of the sessions:

2.1 The sessions are rather rich in content, to be very specific, I would cite the Chemistry and Social Science classes. The teachers have tried to deliver as much as possible from the syllabus. These online sessions may even surpass the classroom session in few aspects as the students are required to be more focussed towards the teacher so as to ensure that they respond quickly when the teacher asks them to do so.

2.2 I must say that the teachers were well prepared for the sessions. I guess, they might have undergone some sort of rehearsal etc. for the sessions. If my guess is correct, then it is commendable. Even if my guess is not correct, I would say that they never lack the required quality while delivering.

2.3 The teachers avoid monologue and encourage the students to participate. Students' participation is extremely important in such sessions, else, the listener may lose attention during these sessions.

3. Enrichment Session: Special Mention:

I am thankful to the minds for conceptualising the idea of conducting enrichment sessions of this quality. I am a firm believer that without being grateful to the Almighty, the gains of human do not stay for long or they experience counter-productive events which neutralises the pleasure of their gains.Further, the content and the methodology of the enrichment session are well suited for the students of this level.

4. Suggestions for further improvement:

4.1 Continue these online sessions, as much as possible even when classroom sessions are resumed.

4.2 Online sessions will give a perfect opportunity to customise the tutorials to suit the need of a smaller group of students with special requirement. I would be pleased to witness such custom made solutions in the times to come.

4.3 Language, literature, vocabulary, extempore and similar things need to be given additional time as co-curricular activities, even if they do not form a part of the syllabus.

I Hope that my feedback would be helpful and your institution may excel as an institute of repute at pan India level !!!

I will be pleased to further, extend my support for the school if needed.

Navin Adarsh
Online Class

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