Online Co-Curricular Activity

Declamation Competition - Middle School

Declamation is a rhetorical exercise or a set speech. With the view to promote the skill of effective public speaking among the students, an online declamation competition was organised for the students of Grade VI- VIII. The participants were in high zest and zeal as they had to declaim an excerpt from the speech of Martin Luther King Jr.- 'I have a dream’ (Grade-6), ‘To bait fish withal, a scene from Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice (Grade-7), and ‘Tryst with Destiny – speech by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru (Grade – 8). The students were judged on the basis of pronunciation, intonation, memorization and presentation.  

Mr. Ajay Jha, one of the jury members gave his valuable inputs to the students on declamation. Sir suggested that participants should pronounce each word correctly by stressing the right syllable. Before declaiming a speech, one should write the speech, read aloud and listen or watch the audio or video. While delivering the speech, one should concentrate on the tone and put in emotion, sentiment and feeling into the words. Ms. Mannu Kapoor said that students need to be more confident and give their best. Mr. Shouvanik Das also advised the students to watch the videos of great leaders and orators. 

The students were given grades on the basis of their performance. 

Awards & Achievements

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