January 2020


Declamation (Declamatio, Latin for Declamation) is the re-giving of an important or famous speech.

The Social Science Department of the school organized an activity for building up the confidence of the students and giving them a platform to present themselves before the audience assertively. The parameters for the judgement of the performance of the participants were content, gesture, pronunciation, intonation and overall presentation.

The enthusiastic studentsof grade 6 spoke on various topics ranging from feminism and social justice to youth empowerment and leading the nation and the world.

Gauri Singh bagged the first position. The second position was secured by UjjwalBhengra whereasGauri received the third position.

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   January 11, 2020


Rendezvous sports meet (Basketball and Lawn-tennis)

Every year, our school organizes RENDEZVOUS, an Inter-School Sports and Cultural competition to provide opportunity to students in Ranchi to compete in various events. RENDEZVOUS, is a platform where countless emotions, ideas, thoughts, skills and team spirit come to life.

On 11th January 2020, we hosted RENDEZVOUS SPORTS MEET 2019, we had conducted Basketball and Lawn-tennis for different age categories, and nine (9) schools were participated in this event and made this event successful.


Results are as follows in Basketball:

 (Boys category) 

Sapphire International School - 1st position

DAV School Bariatu -2nd position.

 Girls Category 

Taurian World School – 1st position

DAV School Bariatu - 2nd position.


In lawn-tennis results are as follows:

 Middle Girls

Ajita Garg – 1st position Delhi Public School.

Shreya Yadav -2nd position Sapphire International School.

Aarya Singh Simach -3rd position -Army Public School.

 Senior Girls.

Jasraj Kaur – 1st position - Gurunanak Higher Secondary school.

Anushka Sisodia- 2nd position -Sapphire International School.

 Middle Boy's

Sampreet -Army Public School -1st position.

Arihant siwach - Army Public School – 2nd position.

Adarsh Raj- Taurian World School – 3rd position.

 Senior Boy's

Divya Dayal Singh- Sapphire International School -1st position.

Anmol Singh - Taurian World School- 2nd position.

Rishab Burman- Sapphire International School- 3rd position.

 Middle School Doubles Tournament.

Army Public School- 1st  position.

Sapphire International School – 2nd position.

Delhi Public School – 3rd  position.


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   January 11, 2020


Poster making competition

A poster making competition was organized on 11th January, 2020 by the school as per CBSE activity plan outline. The themes for the competition were taken from Fundamental Duties and the topics were given to different grades which are as follows:



2 -5

National Flag, National Freedom Fighters or Defence Forces (Soldiers)

6 - 7

Protect Natural Environment

8 – 9

Development of Science in India


Communal Harmony


The outstanding work of the following students were acclaimed by the Art department.


Name of the student




Shivam Kumar 




Shanvi Priya


Priya Kumari






Nandini Biyani






Karan Choudhury

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   January 11, 2020


Field trip to Biodiversity Park

A field trip is an effective educational activity for students to reinforce experiential and contextual learning. To achieve the same a field trip was organized on 25th January 2020 (Saturday) for the students of classes 2 to 9 to the Biodiversity Park, Lalkhatanga Ranchi.

The Biodiversity Park, Ranchi is developed with an aim to conserve rare and imperative plants, trees and medicinal herbs.  The main objective is to preserve these rare medicinal herbs and plants as conservators of our natural resources and their protection for next generation. The park is developed in the huge area of 542 acres of land with proper distribution of parks, gardens, medicine conservation and animal preservation area, etc.

The students got an opportunity to have first-hand experiences and to explore the world around them. They saw the medicinal garden, the Indigenous specious zone, the aquatic garden and the rose garden. Students also went on nature trail where they enjoyed the leisure of natural beauty along with green vegetation and small streams and rivulets that satisfy the need of water in the park.

The students were encouraged to conserve the environment because if we conserve the environment we conserve the natural resources.

Healthy ecosystems sustain the fundamentals for human life and civilization.

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   January 25, 2020


Pledge of the PREAMBLE

Sapphire students, teachers and staff took the pledge of the PREAMBLE to the Indian Constitution on the 71st Republic Day on 26th January, 2020.

The activity was aimed to reiterate and reorient all Indians towards the values and principles expressed in the Indian Constitution and encouraging all Indians to play their rightful role in strengthening the Indian Democracy.

The keywords of the Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duties enshrined in the Constitution were explained and discussed in all the classes.

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   January 26, 2020


Republic Day Celebration


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   January 26, 2020


Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami

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   January 29, 2020


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