June 2019

From The Principal...

Clouds come floating into our life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to our sunset sky. ...the month of June showered it’s blessings on all of us, added to our achievements and success. The never ending lust to explore the world makes each one of us inquisitive about the unknown and untamed.


With best wishes,

Sapphire International School

12th Milestone Ranchi-Khunti Road, Hardag

Ranchi Jharkhand – 835221

Morning Assembly

Theme for the fortnight: Discipline 

Discipline is very important for everybody in whatever field he/she may be. Discipline means to lead our life with proper rules and regulations. Manners and etiquette are the parts of discipline. Discipline directs us to adopt right principles and become successful in our life. It is also believed that a disciplined life is necessary to be a good citizen of the country.

Theme of the fortnight :Leadership

We often hear about our leaders and leadership qualities, but do we know what exactly does leadership mean? To become a leader one has to be a communicator, an individual, who has an ability to share their vision with those around them.

A leader is passionate, they have a purpose, a goal, and  motivation....A great leadership will only result in empowerment, if one leads, take risks and develop new skills. 

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   June 2019


Visit to state museum

Sapphire International School believes in learning through activities. Students of grades XI and XII (Humanities) were taken to the State Museum, Hotwar (Ranchi) on 26th of June 2019 to see and understand the history of humancivilization. They were fortunate enough to see the pre-historic artifacts from the time of Neolithic period to 12th century CE. In numismatics, they learnt about coins from the period of punch marked to the period of Mughals and British as well. In ethnography they learnt about the culture and means of livelihood of primitive tribes from Jharkhand. In art gallery they saw paintings from various parts of India. The visit was an enriching experience for the students.

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   June 26, 2019


Investiture Ceremony

SIS believes that students should play an active and positive role in school life and the Student Council is the platform to achieve this. Our Student Council gives students a voice and the opportunity to work in partnership with the Management and staff. Student Council members serve the school environment by promoting school spirit, pride, and social responsibility. The Investiture Ceremony for Student Council 2019-20 was held on 11 June 2019 to confer the roles to the newly elected Student Council Members. Mr. Alok Kumar, IPS, SP, Khunti was the Chief Guest for the day. During his address to the gathering, he motivated the students inculcate self discipline amongst themselves to hone their leadership skills.


Sl No.





Harry Raj



Rimjhim Sinha






Ritesh Bharti



Adarsh Rupam



Ishita Priyadarshni






Ambika Shahdeo



Tuhin Singh



Ammar Adil



Ritika Kumari



Virika Khemka



Harsh Kumar



Gurunur Singh



Pratiksha Singh

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   June 11, 2019


11th Jharkhand State Junior Swimming Competition

Our students have got selected for 11th Jharkhand State Junior and Sub-Junior Swimming Championship 2019, which was held on 15th and 16th June 2019 at khelgaon (Hotwar).

Students are as follows:

  1. Rajesh Singh Munda, Grade-4 (Hostler).
  2. Shivam Kumar, Grade-3 (Hostler).
  3. Mantu Kumar, Grade-5 (Hostler).
  4. Satyam Kumar Singh, Grade-10 (Hostler).
  5. Jayin Raj. Grade-5(Day scholar).

In this State Championship our students performed well and secured position.

  1. Satyam Kumar Singh (Under- 17): Secured Third Position in 50mts Back stroke.
  2. Rajesh Singh Munda (Under- 11): Secured First Position in 50mts Back stroke and Third position in 50mts Freestyle.

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   June 15, 2019 to June 16, 2019


International Yoga Day

The 5th International Yoga Day was celebrated on 22nd June 2017, Saturday at Sapphire International School with great enthusiasm and vigour. International Yoga Day is being celebrated globally and across India.

The Yoga session started exactly at 8:30 am with Prayer, and systematic practice of different ‘ASANAS” of standing, sitting and laying positions (both lying on back and reverse) smoothly changing in succession under the instructions of Yoga teacher and supervision of trained coaches. During the course of “Yogabhyas”, the Yoga teacher also narrated the usefulness of different “Asanas” as a precautionary measure, in curing many diseases and the importance of Yoga in the overall well-being of a human being.

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   June 22, 2019


Inter House Drawing Competition

The Inter House Drawing Competition was conducted on 22nd June 2019. Students of grade 2 to 8 participated in the competition. The theme for the competition was ‘Nature’. All the students expressed their creative minds on the drawing sheets. The students were judged according to the four houses- Aquila, Centaurus, Orion and Pegasus.

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   June 22, 2019


Splash Pool Party

‘Splash, splash everywhere puddles of water here and there.’

To beat the heat a splash pool party was organized for the Primary School students on 22nd June 2019. The students attired in swimming costumes, goggles and caps looked colourful and vibrant. With the loud music going on in the background they had great fun jumping and dancing in the water, playing with floating toys and splashing water at their friends and teachers. The party would have been incomplete without mouth relishing treats; hence, the students munched on the wafers, cakes, chips and fries.

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   June 22, 2019


Book Fair

Scholastic book fair was organised at Sapphire International School from 26th-29th June, 2019 and the motive of this book fair was to inculcate reading as a habit among students besides making quality books easily available within Sapphire Premises. Students enjoyed the book fair through purchasing and browsing, class wise they arrived at book fair. Scholastics book fair representatives invited students for various activities like book mark making, slogan writing and book review etc. Making friends with books and using them as a friend, mentor, counsellor and guide was  the motto of this fair.

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   June 26, 2019 to June 29, 2019


Annual Prize Distribution

Annual Prize Distribution

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   June 28, 2019


Release of Annual Magazine

Release of Annual Magazine

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   June 28, 2019


Swimming Workshop

Sports are an integral part of one’s life. Sapphire International School aim at developing a child’s persona holistically, hence students are encouraged to participate in all kinds of sports.

Our School offers an exciting swimming Workshop experience for girls and boys. This workshop provides a healthy mix of contests, techniques, tactics and skills development.

On 20th June 2019, a workshop was held for the students to promote Swimming. Mr.Deepak Sinha, National and presently working as a P.E teacher at JVM Shyamali, visited the school and showcased Swimming skills and techniques to the students so as to enhance their skills. The session proved to be quite empowering and enjoyable and would have surely motivated and inspired them to explore options in Swimming.

Swimming workshop was a great success as our students were motivated and learnt many new things. We hope our students improve their swimming skill in future.


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   June 2019


Inter House Swimming Competition

The inter house junior, middle and senior school (Boys & Girls) swimming competition started on 24th June 2019 in the indoor swimming pool. All the participants performed well. With regular inter house competitions in school we  believe our students will  qualify for  higher level participation in future.

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   June, 2019


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