June 2018

From The Principal...

Dear Parents,

Warm Greetings from SIS!

'No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.'
This month our theme was 'Discipline and Leadership'. Every activity in school is a training to our students to live a disciplined life  and also to develop good leadership quality. 

We were honoured to have distinguished guests in our school. Mr. Sanjeev Vijayvargia, Deputy Mayor, Ranchi Municipal corporation for the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony. 
Major Raja Paul, Deputy Chief of Security, Coal India Ltd and Mr. T K Jha , Deputy Superintendent of Police, Control Room, Ranchi - for Investiture ceremony for our newly elected council.

We organised Lawn Tennis workshop where Ms. Priyanka Singh (National Player) and Squash Workshop where Mr. Sukhdev Singh ( level 1 Squash coach) shared special techniques and skills.

We also celebrated World Environment Day and Father's Day.

Congratulations to our winners Rajesh Singh Munda (gold & bronze medal) and Satyam Kumar Singh (silver) in 10 th Jharkhand state sub junior/ junior swimming Championships. 
All the students happily participated in Social Science academic week. Be it PPT Presentation, debate, drawing competition, declamation and group discussion. They won many certificates.


With best wishes,

Sapphire International School
12th Milestone Ranchi-Khunti Road, Hardag
Ranchi Jharkhand – 835221

Assembly - Importance Of Discipline

The first assembly after the Summer Vacation was conducted by the students of class 2 A. The tiny tots taught us a wonderful lesson on the importance of Discipline through colourful banners and poem recitation. Some of the primary students also presented a mime on the importance of saving the Environment. Deforestation should stopped and trees should be planted, not only to enjoy the greenery around but also to purify the air. Every individual to contribute towards saving the environment rather than expecting someone else to do it for us.

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   June 06, 2018


World Environment Day

The World Environment Day was celebrated with great fervor. Anjali of class 12 C delivered a speech on the current environmental concerns and how we could contribute towards conserving the natural resources by ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’, which parallels the theme for the World Environment Day, 2018 – “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

The students of the junior school presented a mime on ‘Save Tree – Save Life!’ highlighting the importance of trees by stopping deforestation and promoting afforestation.

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   June 06, 2018


Field Trip to the Regional Science Centre

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson
The Middle School students of Sapphire International School embarked on a field trip to the Regional Science Centre, Morabadi, Ranchi on Saturday, 9 June 2018. The highlights of the trip were the exhibits on Gravity, Energy Transfer, Mirror Maze, Electromagnetism, Snake Pendulum, Jumping Disc, Electric Potential, etc.
Students got an opportunity to take a glimpse of various phenomena of science as well as the earth, it's atmosphere and climate. In addition to this, they also learnt about the geoheritage of Jharkhand and how Jharkhand is rich in mineral resources and is the leading producer of mineral wealth in our country. The trip ended with a short 3D movie on various scientific experiments.
Experiential learning has a better outcome when compared to text oriented learning.

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   June 09, 2018


10th Jharkhand State Sub Junior/Junior Swimming Championship

 10th Jharkhand state sub junior/junior swimming championship was held on 9th and 10th June 2018 at Khelgaon (hotwar), Ranchi. 9 students from SIS, Ranchi qualified to represent Ranchi district. Our students secured one gold, one silver and one bronze and the Ranchi district team stood second in the championship.

Below are the details of the winners and participants from Sapphire International School, Ranchi:

1. Rajesh Singh Munda (Grade-3) Gold-01

2. Satyam Kumar Singh (Grade-9) Silver-01

3. Rajesh Singh Munda(Grade-3) Bronze-01


Other Students who represented Ranchi District Swimming Team.

1. Maanavi Makhija (Grade-10)

2. Rakesh Roshan (Grade-9)

3. Aman Kumar (Grade-8)

4. Tuhin Singh (Grade-7)

5. Yesh Raj (Grade-7)

6. Jayin Raj (Grade-4).

Congratulations to all the students and Coaches for Great Success. 

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   June 09, 2018 to June 10, 2018


Principal’s Dinner

 Principal’s Dinner was held on 10 Jun 2018 to celebrate the reopening of school after summer vacation and to welcome and introduce the new students who joined the SIS boarding family. Students along with their Wing Parents, Wing Mentors, Resident Teachers and Head of Boarding, enjoyed the dinner with the Principal.

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   June 10, 2018


Circle Time - Happy Father's Day

Every child is like a bud in the hands of a hard working gardener. A gardener knows when to till the soil, when to nip the stems for the better growth of the plants. Likewise every father is the protective shield - ‘the hard hand with a soft heart’.

Children expressed their love for their fathers by making cards as the circle time activity on 11th June 2018. Colourful papers, beautiful designs and the love embellished crayons filled the class with joy, excitement and adoration for their fathers.

At times you are strict...

At times you are the magician...

At times you are a hard taskmaster....

But, at the end of the day you are the one for whom every son and every daughter works hard for. 

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   June 11, 2018


Investiture Ceremony 2018-19

The Investiture Ceremony to confer the Student Council 2018-19 was help on 13th June 2018. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Major Raja Paul, Deputy Chief of Security, Coal India Ltdand Guest of Honour was Mr. T K Jha, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Control Room, Ranchi.

It was indeed a proud moment for the SIS family as the Student Council members received their badges from the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. The school flag was handed over to the school Vice - Captain while the house flags were handed over to the respective House Captains.

The Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and the Principal, Mr. Dilip George, congratulated the newly elected council and stressed the fact that self-discipline and self-confidence are the first and foremost thing that a student should strive for.

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   June 13, 2018


SIS Boarders Outing to Fun Castle

 An outing to the Fun Castle, Ranchi was organized on 17th Jun 2018 for the students residing in Boarding. Children and their Wing Parents had a good time with different rides, Snacks  and Lunch at the venue.

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   June 17, 2018


Annual Prize Distribution 2017-18

Awards are a way to encourage good behavior and inculcate competitive spirit. Today, we gathered to give away the prizes to our students who exhibited academic excellence throughout the academic year 2017-18. We were honored to have, Mr.Sanjeev Vijayvargiya, Deputy Mayor, Ranchi Municipal Corporation as the Chief Guest and parents of the Awardees attend the ceremony.

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   June 19, 2018


On the Spot Drawing Competition

A Drawing Competition was held on 22nd June, 2018 at Sapphire International School. All the students from std. II – VIII participated in the competition. Various topics for composition were given to different grades. The juniors were asked to compose with birds, animals, fruits, etc. while the seniors were asked to compose landscapes with human figures, superheroes, sea shore, etc.

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   June 22, 2018


SIS Boarders Nature Walk

SIS boarders had a great time with their Wing Parents, Teachers, Head of Boarding and Principal during the Nature Walk this morning. They went on a trek through the forest and hillock close to the school.

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   June 24, 2018


Social Science Academic Week


25th June to 29th June 2018

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the school curriculum. The activities are designed to meet the needs of the students and cover a broad and wide range of their abilities and talents. These activities help the students in developing a richer learning experience by giving them a chance to explore in new dimensions and to think out of the box.

Sapphire International School, has always striven to create opportunities for its students, so that they can participate and have a hands on experience by performing in various activities. With this end in view, the school initiated Academic Competition to inculcate values, skills and knowledge among the students. The grade wise competitions were held from 25/06/2018 to 29/06/2018. Children participated actively in the competition and were guided by their teachers.


Date: 28.06.2018

Activity- Draw any one of these- land transport or water transport or air transport and write on it.

Teacher : Ms Neha Das

Students of classes II A & B actively participated in the SST Academic Competition held on 28th June 2018. The activity was designed based on the chapter – Transportation. Students had to draw and colour any one of these- land transport/ water transport or air transport and write three lines on each. Students were at their creative best while performing this activity and enjoyed a lot.

Grade-III A & B

Date: 26.06.2018

Activity- Word search worksheet on transportation

Teacher : Ms Neha Das

Students of classes III A & B participated in the SST Academic Competition held on 26th June 2018. The activity was a word search worksheet on transportation. Students found this activity very exciting as a lot of brain storming was done to search the words. These activities act as an exercise for the brain.


Date: 26.06.2018

Activity- Audio-Visual Activity – Children’s Rights

Teacher – Ms Kavita Jaiswal

Academic Competitions are designed to inspire and enlighten. Unlike the traditional exams, they are a lot of fun and creativity. In any educational system, academic competition is vital for a child's development and learning process.


The students of Grade IV actively participated in the “Audio Visual” activity based on the topic “CHILDREN’S RIGHT”. This activity not only enlightened them with their rights and duties but also trained them to take a decisive and courageous action as and when required.



Date: 26.06.2018

Activity- Audio-Visual Activity – Our Culture and Heritage

Teacher – Ms Kavita Jaiswal

The students of Grade V participated in the “Audio Visual” Activity based on the topic “OUR CULTURE AND HERITAGE”. They were enriched with the knowledge of World Heritage Sites in India and Indian traditional culture. They realized the importance of heritage sites and buildings and understood the beauty of and reason behind celebrating festivals and following the traditions and culture.


The main objective of the Social Academic Competition was subject enrichment through activity based learning.



Date: 27.06.2018

Activity- Poster-Making Competition

Teacher – Ms Archana

The students of class VI participated in a poster making competition based on pollution, global warming, green house effect and deforestation. It was an individual task in which the students of class VI participated enthusiastically. They brought in a lot of new ideas and for that they meticulously searched for information from different sources as well. They added their creative mind to make beautiful posters. They also gave suggestions to control the menace through their posters.



Date: 25.06.2018 and 27.06.2018

Activity- PPT Competition

Teacher – Mr Prakash

Power Point Competition concluded with maximum participation from students who worked hard to prepare various slides based on the assigned topics like- ancient monuments, important inventions,etc. The presentation was remarkable and students received valuable inputs from the judges and teachers present. Audience took great interest in posing questions which were duly answered by most participants.


Date: 25.06.2018

Activity- Debate

Teacher – Mr Prakash

Debate competition was a platform to enhance the oratory skills, confidence and knowledge of the students. It was very productive and witnessed maximum participation. The topics ranged from whether co-educational schools are better or single gender schools? Should juvenile be tried? etc. The management and the judges gave valuable inputs in this regard as well.


Date: 27.06.2018

Activity- Socrates’ Speaketh - Declamation

Teacher – Ms Mannu Kapoor

A declamation (Declamatio, Latin for Declaration) speech is the re-giving of an important or famous speech. Student of Grade IX participated in the declamation contest titled Socrates Speaketh on 27th June 2018. They showcased Socrates like rhetoric and eloquence. The students quoted eminent personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Sardar Patel, Yaseer Arafat, Narendra Modi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Meagan Markle, Malala Yusuf Zai, etc. both from past and present on diverse topics like democracy, freedom, youth, education, demonetization, feminism, etc. They displayed confidence, enthusiasm and alertness while participating in the competition. Judges appreciated the efforts of the students and expressed that such competitions lead to free flow of ideas in sensitizing towards the issues that need attention. Overall it was an enthralling experience.


Date: 28.06.2018

Activity- Plato Ponderings – Group Discussion

Teacher – Mr Ajay Chouhan

The students of grade X participated in a group discussion activity. The group discussion organized for Grade X which was intended to develop and inculcate research and presentation of the views by different participants in a group. The presentation was well done and the students not only answered questions raised by their group members but also by the audience. The topics were mostly related to present day changing political and social scenario in our country.


Date: 29.06.2018

Activity- A way with words – Speech Competition

Teacher – Ms Priya Chourasia and Ms Naboshree

The student were topics related to social and economic aspects of present global scenario in which they were asked to research and give presentation of their personal opinion. The students presented their views in front of Grades XI and X.

The presentation was quite nice. They were able to answer the queries of the audience including the teachers.

The presentation was acclaimed by the judges and the Principal.

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   June 25, 2018 to June 29, 2018


Lawn Tennis Workshop

Our School organized a Lawn Tennis workshop on 28th June 2018.

Ms Priyanka Singh (National Player) visited our school campus to conduct the Lawn Tennis workshop.

Lawn Tennis needs a lot of skills and techniques to excell. To be on top, a tennis player needs to possess the technical, physical, and mental skills and techniques. Ms. Priyanka shared special techniques and skills with our budding players. She demonstrated how to practice and master individual shots like the Forehand andBackhand Strokesthe Serve, FootworkAnticipationVolleying, etc.

Our Head of Sports Mr. Ranjeet Kr Singh honored our Chief Guest with a Bouquet and Memento.

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   June 28, 2018


Squash Workshop

Our School organized a Squash workshop on 29th June 2018. The workshop was conducted by Mr Sukhdev Singh (level1 Squash Coach).

He shared special techniques to practice and master individual shots like the service, boast, volley, lob, drop, return of service, parallel drives, cross-court drives etc to all the students who have opted for Squash.

He also emphasizes that the grip is an essential component of every player’s technique that should be worked upon from the very first moment that a player picks up a racket.

A correct grip will give you the ability to move quickly between forehand and backhand, generate power, impart spin on the ball, control the weight of shot and hit the ball effectively to every part of the court!

Our Head of Sports Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh felicitated our Guest with a Bouquet and Memento.

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   June 30, 2018


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