April 2018

From The Principal...

Dear Parents,

Warm Greetings from SIS!

Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!.” – Anne Frank

We all in the family of SIS are excited and waiting for this well deserved Summer Vacation. But let's not forget to instill in us  how good we are and how much potential we have, to do the best for the society we live in.

This month our theme was 'Responsibility' and 'Positivity'. Through tableau and skit, children learnt about being a good citizen of our country, to be a responsible individual having good character and also from the life of Stephen William Hawking, an English theoretical physicist.

We hosted the 1st 'The Shoot to Win Shooting Championship'. Our students participated and brought laurels to the school. The other competitions which were held in school were Yoga workshop, Inter House Carrom and Chess competitions. We also conducted workshops on yoga and shooting.

In the IIMUN Chapter of Ranchi 2018, where approximately 300 delegates congregated from 27th to 29th April 2018,  22 students from our school participated.

This summer we hope tha you all will have a wonderful break spending time with your children.

With best wishes,

Sapphire International School
12th Milestone Ranchi-Khunti Road, Hardag
Ranchi Jharkhand – 835221

Circle Time - Essential Agreements for Classroom

The first Circle Time Activity for the new session was a dew drop on the fortnight theme of the school – “Responsibility” – to be a responsible individual. The students, along with their class teachers, framed the essential agreements of their respective classrooms. Colorful posters were made related to the expectations of the various classes like – ‘Be an attentive listener’, ‘Be responsible’, ‘Help each other’, ‘Team work’, ‘Be respectful’, ‘Use golden words’, ‘Study to get Smart’, etc.

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   April 02, 2018


Assembly (04 April, 2018) 5A - Responsibility

The assembly on 4th April, 2018 was conducted by the students of Grade 5A, on the theme "RESPONSIBILITY". The students presented a tableau, emphasizing that "Responsibility" is the backbone of strong citizenship, friendship and self reliance. It is vital for success at home, school, neighbourhood, work place and the world.

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   April 04, 2018


Shoot To Win Shooting Championship

Sports  is an integral part of one’s life. Sapphire International School aims at providing ample opportunities for its students to exhibit their skills in every possible curricular and co curricular activity.

To celebrate the International Sports day on 6th April 2018, we hosted the First, Shoot to Win Shooting Championship at our school Shooting Range on.

The event was Organised by the Ranchi District Rifle Association and our students brought laurels to the school by winning several medals.


Results are as follows:

Mamta Kumari - 3 Gold medals

 Neha Kumari - 2 bronze and 1 silver medals

Juhi Kumari -1 bronze medal

Ritika Kumari - 2 gold and 1 silver medals

Ankit Kashyap -1 gold 1 silver and 1 bronze medals

 Aadya Kumari - 2 silver medals

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   April 06, 2018


Assembly (09 April, 2018) 6B - Responsibility

"Having family responsibilities and concerns just has to make you a more understanding person".

The students of Grade VI B conducted the School Assembly on April 9, 2018 on the theme RESPONSIBILITY, wherein they presented a skit emphasizing on responsibility as the quintessence of an individual's character.

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   April 09, 2018


Yoga Workshop

Sapphire International School conducted a Yoga Workshop on 10th April 2018 in the school assembly hall, under the guidance of the Guest Yoga coach, Mr Indrajit Chakraborty (Master in Yoga Yoga-Indra, D.M.Y.M, N.I.S coach) who is also the President and Secretary of Ranchi Yoga Culture.

Over the last 100 years, our lives have become exceedingly fast paced with cell phones, Internet, television, etc. These, along with work and exam pressure, often make adult as well as children experience lot of stress and fatigue. This leads to a strong need to de-stress to calm our minds and rejuvenate our bodies. Yoga helps us to achieve this, maintaining a state of balance, a peaceful mind and good health. Mr. Indrajit discussed the history and importance of yoga. Students chanted mantras and started the yoga session with simple stretching exercises followed by the Aasanas like the Tree pose, the Warrior pose, the Cobra pose etc. The 12 postures of Surya Namaskar was demonstrated and taught to the students.

Students were also taught breathing exercises like 'humming bee breath', 'Sanmukhi Mmudra' (closing of the six gates) and 'Anulom-Vilom' (alternate breathing) and were told the benefits of doing these Pranayamas in our daily life. Children thoroughly enjoyed the laughing yoga at the end and the workshop was finally concluded with a brief meditation session. Our guest, Mr. Indrajit was felicitated by our Principal Mr. Dilip George. The workshop was highly appreciated by the students who were highly motivated to practice yoga every day. Sapphire International School, continues to conduct yoga classes for students, every Tuesday.

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   April 10, 2018


Open Carromboard Tournament

Carrom is one of the most popular indoor games in India. Once treated a pastime game limited to children and ladies, it is now played at competitive levels in an organized manner. It is a scientific game and is based on Physics and Geometry. It requires thorough knowledge of angles, deftness of touch, keen sight and superlative control of nerves besides mental and physical fitness. It also requires skill and deep concentration.

Sapphire International School organized Inter House Carrom competition, the competition which was held in the assembly area on 12th & 13th -April-2018. A knockout tournament was held where the participants had to score the maximum points in given period of time.

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   April 12, 2018


Rifle Shooting Workshop

Sapphire International School, Ranchi, organized a workshop for Rifle Shooting on 13th April, 2018, at the Sapphire International School Rifle Shooting Range. Mr. Ajay Kumar Nag (National Player), visited our School to conduct the work shop. In an enriching workshop, our shooters were given special tips, techniques and training. This included Stance, Holding, Aiming, Trigger operation, etc. It was indeed a great learning experience for the students, who got the opportunity to interact with an experience Shooter like Me. Ajay Kumar Nag

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   April 13, 2018


Field Trip (2 - 5)

“Gracious steps, nimble footed

The growing tots went on board.

Nature’s love God’s favourite

They have become.

They are special, they are kind

In God’s garden they are the blessed mind!!”

 The primary students of Sapphire International School (Grades 2-5) were blessed to witness nature’s special grace. They got an opportunity to visit the special kids of St. Michael’s School for the blind.

It was a learning experience for the children as they could relate and connect with their current Unit of Inquiry – ‘Who We Are?’ Generally, the students learn from books but it was the first intimate experience for them this session.

As they have learnt about The Human Body, Parts of the Body and Sense Organs, they were able to relate it to their knowledge. Further, the students also learnt the moral value to be kind, thoughtful and benevolent. The students could acknowledge God’s grace bestowed upon them. They found themselves fortunate and blessed to have the benefits of proper functioning sense organs.

This trip also inculcated the sense of responsibility towards self and the underprivileged. It ran parallel with the school’s theme – ‘Responsibility’. The students of both the schools exchanged their talents by showcasing a wonderful medley followed by the on spot performance by our students.

Further, the students got a wonderful opportunity to see the Braille and got their names written in the Braille script. A few enthusiastic ones also tried their hand on pinning the Braille.

At the end our students showed their love and care by sharing cakes, chocolates, biscuits, fruit, juice and many more things. Above all the students had a gala time in sharing, spreading love and long lasting memories to relish and cherish.

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will!”

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   April 14, 2018


Circle Time - Weather Wheel

The students of Primary Section created a "WeatherWheel" as part of the CircleTime Activity. Weather Wheel is a great tool to encourage kids to practice identifying different kinds of weather every day. They made drawings of rainy, sunny, snowy, stormy and cloudy weather on the different sections of the wheel and attached a pointer to the middle of the wheel that enabled them determine the appropriate weather change.

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   April 21, 2018


Circle Time - Earth Day

" The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship..."
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

One must not wait for others to take the first step, rather should build one's own world, the world to live and let live. Every year since 1970 Earth Day is observed in more than 193 countries. Our school, though a small fragment of the huge sphere, celebrated this day to thank mother earth. The primary students of Sapphire International School, with the help of the teachers, devoted their time in poster making and learnt the importance and protection of the mother earth. Students worked with the Moto - 'To save the earth is in our hands and we must do our bit towards it'. 

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   April 23, 2018


Assembly (25 April, 2018) 3A - Positivity

The Assembly on 25th April, 2018 was conducted by the students of grade 3 A on the theme ‘Positivity’. The students presented a skit emphasizing that being positive is the best way to lead a happy life.

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   April 25, 2018


Open Chess Tournament

An Inter-House chess competition was held at SIS on 26th April 2018. A knockout tournament was held in the presence of the chess coach Mr. Arshad, the official arbiter Mr. Utkarsh and In-charges Mr. Amit, Mr. Sumit and Mr. Rehan . The chess tournament was played according to the FIDE rules of Blitz tournament and in order to win, the participants had to do the check-mate or defeat the opponents by point system within the given time. Piyush Jaiswal from Centaurus house won the juniors mixed tournament, Ayank Kumar from Pegasus house won the senior boys and Virika Khemka won the senior girls tournament respectively.



Boys and Girls mixed (Junior)

1st Centaurus - Piyush  Jaiswal                                                       

2nd Aquila – Derik Dilip George                                                                 

3rd Pegasus- Abhishek  Kumar                                                                 

4th Orion– Mantu Kumar


Boys (Senior):                                                                                 

1st Pegasus - Ayank Kumar                                                            

2nd Orion – Adarsh                                                                         

3rd Centaurus- Danny Dilip George                                           

4th Aquila– Debagni Bera                                                                                           


 Girls (Senior):

1st Pegasus –Virika khemka

2nd Orion -   Maanavi Makhija

3rd Aquila – Ambika Jaiswal

4th Centaurus – Adhiya  kumari 

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   April 26, 2018


IIMUN Ranchi Chapter 2017-18

The IIMUN Chapter of Ranchi 2017-18 gave students an opportunity to take on the role of decision makers and offer solutions to global issues.

Approximately 300 World Delegates congregated from April 27 to April 29, 2018 at DPS Sail Township, Ranchi to address issues concerning countries of the world.

These delegates were non other than the students of 30 different schools across Jharkhand. Of which 22 students were from Sapphire International School, Ranchi.

The opening ceremony saw some distinguished guests from diverse fields. The Chairman of Jharkhand State Khadi Gramodyog, Mr. Sanjay Seth; Vikas Gupta, Indian Television Producer and the Legendary Music Director Leslie Lewis were some of the luminaries who graced the occasion.

The conference comprised of sessions with extraordinary solutions proposed by ingenious delegates of different committees.

IIMUN has been successful in soaking up the students with Leadership and Public Speaking skills.

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   April 27. 2018 to April 29, 2018


Yoga Competition

The 22nd  All India Inter-School and Club Yoga Championship 2018 was organized by the Ranchi Yoga Culture, Jharkhand, in Ranchi on the 28th and 29th April 2018. Twenty-nine students of SIS, Ranchi accompanied by our yoga teacher Ms. Piyali, took part in the championship and showcased their talent by performing the artistic yoga poses. The total number of participation was more than 1000  from various parts of the country with more than 150 students in each category. Most of our participating students were below 10 years of age and the amount of enthusiasm they showed, is worth appreciating. As Julia Child once said  " The measure of achievement is not winning awards, it's doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile", we congratulate our students on their hard work and the exhibition of their talent to the best of their abilities. 

The following students participated in the competition and have got the participating certificates and the medals:


Group A

  1. Arshia Choidhary
  2. Aporajita Biswas
  3. Prisha
  4. Tanya Rani
  5. Anvi Kumari
  6. Ritika Kumari
  7. Priyanshu Pranjal
  8. Ritvik Khemka
  9. Kartavya Shloke
  10. Sarthak Gupta
  11. Richa Adarsh


Group B

  1. Shreyanshi Das
  2. Akshat Sankar
  3. Shreyansh Ghosh
  4. Kunal Murmu
  5. Vivak Kumar
  6. Jiya Kumari Gope


Group C

  1. Rajesh Singh Munda
  2. Abhshek Kumar
  3. Mantu Kumar
  4. Katyayni Bera


Group  D

  1. Shekhar Bhogta
  2. Musharrf Ansari
  3. Ayank Kumar
  4. Md. Waris
  5. Aman Kumar
  6. Vibhanshu Vaibhav

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   April 28, 2018


Assembly (30 April, 2018) 7B - Positivity

The students of Grade 7B conducted the School assembly on 30th April 2018 based on the theme of the week, “POSITIVITY”.  The Students, through a musical drama, depicted the life and achievements of Stephen William Hawking, an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author. The message that was loud and clear was that – “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at”.

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   April 30, 2018


Circle Time - Welcome Summer

The morns are meeker  than they were!

The nuts are getting brown...
The berry's cheek is plumper!
The rose is out of town .... so the summer is on!
With the chirping of the  morning birds the Sunny Sun wakes us up.The Sapphire students embrace the sun and start the day with the blessings of the bright sun! 
The primary students of the Sapphire family enjoyed the last week's  circle time before the school closes for the summer break.The kids enjoyed making posters, slogans and the rules for the summer.  The students made bright and colourful posters to adore the bright sun. The rules were noted to be followed to beat the scorching heat!! 
As the school closes for the vacation, the students are filled with joy and enthusiasm to embrace the coming days of family time and fun time. 
It's Sun and shade its water to wade- its eating outside-!
It's a tree swing ride- its due in the morn 
it's a hot Sunny Sky -its summer!
 So let's put the caps on,have the taps on and have the summer on! Happy vacation and summer....keep healthy and fresh!

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   April 30, 2018


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