Life at SIS

The right atmosphere in a boarding institution makes a child grow up with a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, respect for different customs and cultures.

The Boarding Houses at Sapphire have been specifically designed to provide a warm and caring family-like environment. There are separate hostels for the boys and the girls and all the rooms are air-conditioned accommodating 3 - 5 students with all amenities and attached washrooms giving a feeling of warmth, yet maintaining privacy.

Each hostel of Sapphire has been divided into 'Wings' also known a ‘Dorms’, and the Wing Parents take care of their own respective wings. Besides the wing parents, the hostel warden and the supervisor are responsible for maintaining the sanitation hygiene and keeping the dorms comfortable at all times. The Head of Boarding monitors both the hostels and ensures that the rooms are well kept.

Each wing has comfortable common area where students can socialize, relax, enjoy and watch television with fellow pupils, or play indoor activities like table-tennis, carom or board games. Children here learn to understand different people and different cultures by making friends and living in a thriving community based on mutual respect and friendship, an excellent preparation for the adult world. With us, your child is safe.