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One of the best ways to see if Sapphire International School is the right choice for your child is to visit the campus and experience the vitality, joy and interest of Sapphire students engaged in all aspects of scholastic and non-scholastic activities. Special Days, events and festivals at Sapphire International School are a cause for celebration, learning and communal harmony. International Days like Earth Day, International Peace Day & Ambedkar Jayanti are celebrated every year. The students are made aware of the importance of each Day and they participate in it wholeheartedly. Guest speakers are an integral part of our special assemblies who inspire the young minds with their rich experiences.


While International excursions such as NASA space camp and visit to Egypt have made our children globally aware, outdoor camps to Junga, Tons etc. have added a flavour of adventure in their lives. SIS understands the value of such camps and trips and will continue to provide such avenues to its children to widen their horizons.

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