Our teachers or facilitators as we call them are mentors in the true sense. They come from across the country, are trained and have experience teaching in good schools within and outside the country. They are trained regularly to identify each student's skill sets and teach them in a manner that enhances their use of multiple intelligences. The teachers assess a child's learning preference regularly and then design their delivery of course to suit the child's needs. This has proved to be highly beneficial especially with slow learners. The students enjoy the myriad of opportunities offered to them and our teachers enjoy watching them succeed. Our teachers are our pillars as they take care of every facet of the child's personality.

They teach our students to be:

Effective Communicators

Helping a child to succeed in life is the primary concern of parents. In SIS all children are encouraged to speak publicly by participating in regular assemblies, declamations, story-telling, extempore, speeches, sharing experiences, debates, elocutions, poem recitations and school festivals at various levels where, often they have to interact with or address the gathering. This helps them in becoming good communicators. Our teachers encourage the children to think decisively, and to communicate effectively. It is their endeavor to make each and every student a world class citizen.

Independent Learners

At SIS, project based learning is a reality. Every child has to independently contribute his or her ideas to every project on a regular basis. This gives them an opportunity to genuinely relate to and understand every project that they work on. Ample opportunity is provided to put in practice what a child learns in class and through books. All the projects are prepared in school in the presence of teachers.At SIS, our library is a child's best friend. They love the comfortable and relaxed ambience, the opportunity to learn from our extensive collection of course material, magazines and encyclopedias and multimedia means like searching through internet and collection of educational DVDs and works of renowned scientists.

World Class Citizens

At SIS, teaching and learning are not activities that are exclusively confined to classrooms. Whether the child is in the hostel or is a day boarder, all are encouraged to participate in activities that expose them to the latest educational practices prevalent around the world, through the use of latest classroom and Lab technologies, project based learning where a child learns as much by doing as by learning. Local educational field trips to places of importance for the children, educational tours abroad to places like NASA, USA and Egypt to visit the grand pyramids and other places of historical importance and visits to international schools in India and abroad to participate in debates and other sports tournaments are organised at regular intervals. These efforts result in a child developing better understanding of the world and a well rounded personality.

Critical Thinkers

Our school campus provides a stimulating environment by practising a democratic process for all children to express their views about their lives and environment in Sapphire through appropriate platforms thus helping them understand the process of governance and the importance of discipline and regulations in school life. They are also encouraged to explore beyond school books and the curriculum by giving them a platform to discuss issues about the world outside, and to analyze events and decisions of regional, national and international importance. They are in the practice of choosing their leaders in the form of school council through electronic voting system.

Awards & Achievements

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