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Smart Classrooms

The Criterion for acceptance into the school is the basic willingness to put in the effort to achieve full potential, not only high innate ability.

The SIS Academic Monitoring System allows the student progress to be closely and continuously monitored through the class works, assignments, project works and the periodic exams. Thus any remedial action if and when needed, is tailored to the specific needs of the individuals.

The students' learning needs are initially identified through individual teacher assessments, student progress meetings, a learning specialist administrator or parental queries. Once a problem is identified, we at SIS evaluate the possible learning issues and identify in-class learning support strategies, aided by the unique teaching aids and methodologies. Also, additional learning support like in-house preparatory classes for boarders, and special weekend classes, after-school supervised classes, Learning Lab with Smart Class facilities, are also provided.

In addition to all these we have a strongly –built infrastructure which includes


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