Pastoral Care

"Home away from home" is how the students living on campus feel during their Sapphire days. The hostels have been specifically designed to provide a warm and caring family-like environment. There are separate hostels for the boys and the girls and all the rooms are air-conditioned accommodating three students with all amenities and attached washrooms giving a feeling of warmth yet maintaining privacy. Beside wing parent, the hostel warden and the supervisor are responsible for maintaining the sanitaion hygiene and keeping the dorm comfortable at all times. Utmost care is taken to provide our boarders to be in a safe, warm and caring environment in the campus.

The entire hostel of Sapphire has been divided into 'Wings' and the Wing Parents take care of their own respective wings. A particular wing has a maximum capacity of 22 children.

There are wardens in both the girls' and the boys' hostels. Both the hostels are monitored by the Head of The Boarding. Every month a regular stage performance is ensured for all children when they attend the Principal's dinner. During such an event, the children perform various stage shows like songs, dances, poetry, drama, recitals and many more. It helps the children to overcome stage fright and helps to build their confidence level.

Although the school remains closed on all of the major festivals, the festivals in which they do not go home are celebrated here in the hostel.The festivals like Raksha-bandhan, Janmasthami, Saraswati puja , to name a few, are celebrated here with respect and fervour.


Sr. No. Activity Description SUMMERS WINTERS
1   Morning Bell 0530 HRS 0600 HRS
2 Morning PE 0600 HRS 0630 HRS
3 Morning Milk 0630 HRS 0700HRS
4 Getting Ready (Boys) and Turn out Check 0720 HRS 0745HRS
5 Breakfast 0800 HRS 0830HRS
6 School 0830 HRS 1500 HRS
7 School Dispersal Time(Movement Back to Boarding) 1515 HRS 1515 HRS
8 Rest time / Changing for Games 1520-1600 HRS 1520-1600 HRS
9 Evening Games and Snacks 1610-1800 HRS 1610-1800 HRS
10 Preps 1810 – 2010 HRS 1810 – 2010 HRS
11 Dinner 2010 – 2045 HRS 2010 – 2045 HRS
12 Post Dinner(Night Preps/Authorize Activity) 2010 – 2045 HRS 2100 – 2200 HRS
13 Medicine 2100 – 2115 HRS 2100 – 2115 HRS
  14 Night Milk 2130 HRS 2130 HRS
15 Gate Lock/ Lights Out 2200 HRS/2230 HRS 2200 HRS/2230 HRS
16 Final De-briefing to Mentors 2230 HRS 2230 HRS

AC Hostel for Boys & Girls

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