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Yoga Workshop

Sapphire International School conducted a Yoga Workshop on 10th April 2018 in the school assembly hall, under the guidance of the Guest Yoga coach, Mr Indrajit Chakraborty (Master in Yoga Yoga-Indra, D.M.Y.M, N.I.S coach) who is also the President and Secretary of Ranchi Yoga Culture.

Over the last 100 years, our lives have become exceedingly fast paced with cell phones, Internet, television, etc. These, along with work and exam pressure, often make adult as well as children experience lot of stress and fatigue. This leads to a strong need to de-stress to calm our minds and rejuvenate our bodies. Yoga helps us to achieve this, maintaining a state of balance, a peaceful mind and good health. Mr. Indrajit discussed the history and importance of yoga. Students chanted mantras and started the yoga session with simple stretching exercises followed by the Aasanas like the Tree pose, the Warrior pose, the Cobra pose etc. The 12 postures of Surya Namaskar was demonstrated and taught to the students.

Students were also taught breathing exercises like 'humming bee breath', 'Sanmukhi Mmudra' (closing of the six gates) and 'Anulom-Vilom' (alternate breathing) and were told the benefits of doing these Pranayamas in our daily life. Children thoroughly enjoyed the laughing yoga at the end and the workshop was finally concluded with a brief meditation session. Our guest, Mr. Indrajit was felicitated by our Principal Mr. Dilip George. The workshop was highly appreciated by the students who were highly motivated to practice yoga every day. Sapphire International School, continues to conduct yoga classes for students, every Tuesday.

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