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Inter House Squash Competition

An Inter House Junior, Middle and Senior (Boys & Girls) Squash Competition was conducted from 16th to 19th January, 2018, in the school (Sports Complex). Participants from all the four houses (Aquila, Centaurs, Orion and Pegasus) took part in the tournament and performed well. The school team was selected for higher lever participation.

Result of the Competition

Junior boys

  1. Akshat Aman
  2. Varun
  3. Sreyash Gupta
  4. Souvidya Shorya


Junior girls

  1. Richa Aadarsh
  2. shanvi Oriya
  3. praditi Prasad


Senior Boy's

  1. Ayush Kumar (Centaurus)
  2. Zails kachhap (Aquila)
  3. Tridush Srivastav (orion)
  4. Ravi Verma (Pegasus)


Senior girls

  1. Sanskriti (Aquila)
  2. Virika Khemka(Pegasus)
  3. Rita Purty(orion)

Awards & Achievements

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