Games and Sports

Karate Workshop

Sports are an integral part of one’s life. Sapphire International School aims at developing a child’s persona holistically hence encourages participation in all kinds of sports.

On National Sports Day, our School organized a Karate workshop for girls and boys.

We had 25 students who took part in the workshop. Mr.Sandeep Kumar, Black Belt 5 Dan, visited the school and showcased a few Karate moves like the suki (punch), the Uke (Block), the Mae Geri (Foot kick) and the Mawashi Geri to the students.

This karate workshop was a great success as our students were motivated and learned many new things. We are confident; our students are going to reach new heights in the future.

Our Principal Mr. Dhruba Das honored our Chief Guest with a bouquet and a shawl.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar said that he was very pleased to get an opportunity to conduct a workshop for students at SIS. 

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