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Inter House Chess Competition

An inter-house chess competition was held in the SIS Chess room on 17th of August, 2017 under the guidance of Chess Coach and referee Mr. Utkarsh.  The chess matches were being played under the Chess Blitz FIDE rules and in order to win, the participants had to do the check-mate or defeat the opponents by point system within the given time.  Centaurus House (Boys) and Aquila House (Girls) won the tournament respectively.




  • 1st Centaurus  - Nikhil Biyani                                                            
  • 2nd Aquila – Adarsh Rupam                                                             
  • 3rd Pegasus  - Sumit Singh                                                             
  • 4th Orion – Saurav Kumar Singh                                         



  • 1st  Aquila – Harshika Jaiswal
  • 2nd Pegasus – Virika Khemka
  • 3rd Orion – Maanavi Makhija
  • 4th Centaurus-  Priyanshi  Jaiswal

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