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Colour Belt Test

Sports are an integral part of one’s life. Sapphire International School aims at developing a child’s persona holistically hence it encourages to participation in all kinds of sports.

Our School organized the Colour Belt Test for girls and boys on 20th July, 2017.

On 20th July 2017, a Colour Belt Test was held for the students to promote Karate. We had 19 students who took part in the yellow belt test. Mr.Sandeep Kumar, Black Belt 5 Dan, visited the school and showcased a few Karate moves to the students.

Belt tests are the opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned, including a mastery of all required skills at their current belt level. The rate of progress is individualized, and promotion to the next belt level is earned and not based simply on the passage of time in training. 

Mr.Sandeep Kumar said that he was very pleased to get an opportunity to conduct a Colour Belt Test for the student at our school. 

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