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Inter House Badminton Competition

An Inter House Junior, Middle and Senior (Boys & Girls) Badminton Competition was conducted from 11th to 14th July, 2017, in the school (Sports Complex). Participants from all the four houses (Aquila, Centaurs, Orion and Pegasus) took part in the tournament and performed well. The school team was selected for higher lever participation.


Result of the competition.


  • Junior Boys                       Gulshan Kumar                 Winner                 Aquila House

Satyam Kumar                   Runner up           Pegasus House

  • Junior Girls                        Anushaka Singh                Winner                 Orion House

Saanvi Wadhwani             Runner up            Centaurs House

  • Middle Boys                       Aman Kumar                    Winner                  Orion House

Nikhil Raj                          Runner up              Orion House

  • Middle Girls                        Chhavi Sharma                Winner                  Aquila House

Sana Khatoon                  Runner up              Orion House

  • Senior Boys                        Ujjwal Kachap                 Winner                  Centaurs House

Vedant Taneja                  Runner up               Aquila House

  • Senior Girls                         Shruti Shreya                  Winner                   Orion House

Maanvi Makhija                  Runner up            Orion House


Overall Result: - Combination of senior, middle and junior group:

  1. Orion House               1st Position                  24 points
  2. Aquila House              2nd Position                 13 points
  3. Orion House               3rd Position                  08 points
  4. Pegasus House           4th Position                 03 points

Awards & Achievements

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