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Inter House Yoga Competition

An inter-house yoga competition was held in the SIS sports complex on 6th of July, 2017. Students had performed basic, intermediate and advanced poses as well as the meditation and breathing exercises. The points were being given based on the correct postures, suppleness, dexterity etc. The competition was held in the presence of Yoga coach and Judge Mr. Utkarsh and the disciplinary in-charge Ms Piyali Das. The students from both junior and senior sections participated enthusiastically performed many new poses of Yoga.


Junior Section (Boys) :                                                                          Junior Section (Girls):

1st Pegasus - Satyam Kumar                                                          1st Aquila – Shreyanshi Das

2nd Aquila – Gulshan Kumar                                                          2nd Centaurus -Bimla Kumari

3rd Centaurus – Hari Om                                                                3rd Pegasus – Saanvi Priya

4th Orion - Rajesh                                                                            4th Orion – Gauri


Senior Section (Boys)                                                                          Senior Section (Girls)

1st Pegasus – Nissim Arya                                                                 1st Orion - Shruti Shreya

2nd  Orion - Nikhil/Aman                                                                     2nd Aquila - Harshika Jaiswal

3rd Aquila – Anand  Kumar                                                                3rd Centaurus - Pratiksha

4th Centaurus -Tuhin                                                                          4th Pegasus - Pallavi Kumari

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