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Session 2017 - 2018 - Pranic Healing

Kirti Sharma, an ex-student of Sapphire International School was invited on the occasion of Children's Day to talk to the students about Pranic Healing.

Kirti shared her life experience with the students that how one day, out of the blue, she started to feel a backache which got very severe with time and the  doctors couldn't diagnose the reason for it. She finally got introduced to the art of pranic healing, and how miraculously her back got completely healed with the  pranic healing sessions within a period of one year.

As she herself now a pranic healer, she taught the students about the astral body of the human being, and how the auras and chakras affect the body.

She demonstrated how to do super brain yoga and told the students about the benefits of that exercise.

She also talked about how every human being is connected through spiritual cords, and how positive and negative thoughts affect the aura of the human body.

A brief introduction was given to the students about the "Law of attraction" and the workshop finally concluded with the demonstrate on of a technique where by children learned how to feel energy by opening the hand chakras.

The children found the workshop very beneficial and we hope to have more such spiritual sessions in the future for the students of SIS.

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