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Session 2017 - 2018 - Gender Sensitization - (Classes VI & VII)


Gender Sensitization’ is a necessary step towards the gradual eradication of gender biases. It is also an important tool to reduce the abuse and harassment across the country. We can hope to keep our children safe by spreading awareness through collective efforts of the organizations and cooperation of the schools and parents. SIS has taken it up as a challenge to change the mindsets and attitudes of its students so that they are free to choose ‘What they want to become or do’ depending on their likes rather than their biological make-up.

 The second workshop based on Gender Sensitization, this year, was conducted on 25th August 2017, for the students of grades 6 and 7. The parents were also invited as they are an integral part of the school and we intend to share all the special activities with them. It was conducted by the school counselor. The students took keen interest and participated in the Open Conversation, the Ice Breaker Game and the Role Play. The parents also took active part and we received a great response and a good feedback from them.

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