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Session 2017 - 2018 - Gender Sensitization

'Gender Sensitization' A Meaningful Workshop at SIS
Adolescence is a phase of extreme stress, storm and strain for the young teen agers. They go less vocal and become more introvert. 'Gender' sensitivity remains an intriguing question for all adolescents.  The confusion leads to misconceptions and wrong beliefs. To sensitize the students of grade 8 on gender, the school came up with a workshop on Tuesday, the 8th August, wherein their parents were also invited. The workshop was enlightening; sometimes mind boggling when we touched upon the Indian value system in relation to gender.  More or less, it was a great learning experience for all, especially the students as were engaged in focused group discussion on gender related social issues. Role play by the students was the best part of the workshop. The SIS Counselling Cell will surely come up with more of such sessions looking at the enthusiastic participation of the students, parents and our own faculty.  'Gender Sensitization' is an essential call of  society which believes in open-mindedness and equal respect or opportunity for all, so it doesn't matter at all if a boy wants to be a beautician and a girl aspires to fly a Mirage 2000 jet fighter plane. We all must learn to co-exist as individuals.


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