Circle Time

Session 2017-2018 - Rainy Season

 The theme for this circle time was Rainy Season. Keeping in view the approaching downpour children of classes 2 to 5 participated in a game naming Triple ( AAA) ie. Ask Answer and Add on the given theme. Students were divided into groups and each group was allotted different task to perform.  Class 5 took part in a debate class 4 enacted on the theme using umbrellas and classes 2 and 3 took up the topic as why is rain important for us ?It was amazing to see how students and teachers worked hand in hand to complete the task. Circle time is a great way to teach new concepts. Students often do a group activity that sharpens their mind to think more and at the same time to enhance their skills. Participating in group activities builds confidence, cognitive skills, and strengthens language development.

Awards & Achievements

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