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Student Support

The curriculum leaves space for the school children to develop awareness and empathy for others by offering social and moral learning, such as: Student Council, and developing a global awareness through current affairs. These are fundamental to the learning and support the academic progress children make in their daily lessons. Extra-curricular activities are based around topics the children are learning in classes and workshops offer a great place to find inspiration. The school allows us to develop some more creativity and nurture talents each year in dance, drama and singing. Extracurricular clubs, run by professionals, are held at the school to offer more opportunities for those who wish to pursue an extra passion in the arts or any other creative field.

Career Guidance

The school-leaving phase is a critical period in the life of a student. Appropriate career planning is vital to ensure that students are well informed about career options and that they are able to understand their own capabilities and align themselves with potential future career choices.

Making the right choice depends largely on a student's possessing a thorough knowledge of oneself as well as the work environment. Students should be clear about their interests, values, needs, aptitudes and abilities. The career guidance programme provides students with comprehensive career options and helps them to seek avenues that match their abilities. The Career Guidance and Counselling at SIS creates awareness among students, of the varied career options available to them.

  • The professional counsellor is available during the school working hours to assist students.
  • Students are provided with extensive information on the various courses available to them after schooling, in India and abroad.
  • Eminent dignitaries and guest speakers are invited to share their professional views on the pros and cons of various vocations.
  • The Guidance and Counselling cell also assists students in learning difficulties, behavioural development and adjustment problems.
  • A practical assistance is provided by counsellors to bridge the gap that exists in the protected school life and the world outside.

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