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Our leadership programmes at SIS are rooted in a strong commitment to support students in their ongoing development as leaders. We inculcate leadership qualities in the students, by allowing them to take the lead in various activities and projects. We have 62 students who constitute the 'Student's Council', this council is an organizational representation of elected student representatives who look into various needs of students and address their concerns. They work hand in hand with the teachers in various fields to keep the flag of Sapphire flying high. The members of the student's council act as connecting points between the school authorities and students. In managing their roles and responsibilities, the leadership qualities in these students are nurtured.

Our council is headed by the School Captain, School Vice Captain followed by the Captains and House Vice Captains of the four Houses (Orion, Pegasus, Aquila & Centaurus), House Discipline Skipper, House Vice Discipline Skipper, House Co-curricular Skipper, House Vice Co-curricular Skipper, House Games and Sports Skipper, House Vice Games and Sports Skipper, House Assembly Skipper, House Vice Assembly Skipper, House Choir Skipper, House Mess Skipper, House Vice Mess Skipper and House Control crony. The aim is to provide the students with knowledge on their respective roles and responsibilities within the association, to expose them on the aspects of management and administration of the school and to prepare them spiritually, mentally and physically in facing the challenges and obstacles in order to make them community leaders in the future.

Our leadership activities help students to:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Boost self-esteem and morale
  • Practice public confidence and expressing themselves clearly to others
  • Develop their organizational skills and the ability to manage others
  • Develop overall personality and promote 'can-do' attitudes

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